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BytePoster : Active Asset Tracking Solution

An expensive museum artifact was being transferred from the west coast to east coast of the United States. Our team placed a BytePoster in the suitcase containing the artifact to measure the impacts and the overall package handling data durign this transit. Here, the device is constantly pushing the real time sensor diagnostics and the location of the asset to our backend asset monitoring suite. The data consists of the environment data like temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration along each axis, magnetometer data, location data and the sensor fusion values representing the real world orientation. The artifact was subjected to different conditions like travelling on a flight, car etc during the transit and we were tracking the asset in real time using our backend asset tracking suite. The device here has the ability to give real time alerts to the dashboard if the thresholds for impacts, temperature humidity are crossed during the transit.

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BytePoster: Passive Asset Monitoring Solution

In passive asset tracking, the sensor diagnostics of the asset is available to the user once the asset reaches the destination. This is where the consumer sees value in just the diagnostic and not the real time status of the asset. Whereas in active asset tracking, the sensor diagnostics of the asset is projected live to the consumer when the asset is in transit from one place to other. This is useful to create closed loop feedback systems. ​Each of the above tracking system brings in different kinds of values for a business process. For an application where you would not want a recurring cost and the overall asset tracking to be extremely cheap, passive tracking might be a solution.

Here in this use-case, we set the BytePoster in passive asset tracking mode and place it inside a shipment. It logs temperature, humidity, acceleration & orientation data of the shipment throughout the transit. Once the shipment reaches the destination, the user flips the switch to put the BytePoster in Upload mode, this pushes all the sensor data and location data to a backend server. The Sensor data gets visualized in sensor portal and the location data in the location portal. This kind of passive tracking solutions helps find anomalies in a particular segment of the supply chain and avoid
 recurring charges from the cellular network provider.

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