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Build-Test-Iterate. The fundamental cycle to building a successful IoT project from conception to working prototypes is continuous engineering of the hardware, firmware and the backend infrastructure development at the same time. At SAAPE, we turn your ideas into a Product Requirement Document (PRD), a catalog of product features. The PRD expedites product development by removing ambiguities thereby reducing costs and turnaround.


Our mission is to help our clients transform their ideas into into working prototype with clear PRDs that gets the engineering rolling.  We work with you to channel the prototypes through the Development phase followed by Engineering Validation Test (EVT), Design Validation Test (DVT) and Process Validation Tests (PVT). Now you are ready for the markets!

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All good solutions start with an idea, or better still a basket of ideas. At SAAPE, we transform these ideas into a robust executable IoT solution to address your problem. The end goal drives the development of the hardware, firmware, communication need and the backend infrastructure. We pay great attention to the economy of the solution both in its execution, time and cost. Our IoT development utilizes edge computing, in-situ processing and basic neural networks on-the-go to develop an effective and rapid solution. The end result is to help you dramatically reduce risks and costs.

Chip Probing


We develop custom embedded hardware to address specific requirements of your IoT solution. Once we develop a plan for the data gathering needs for the project, we research optimum hardware parts and develop schematic and printed circuit board design. We develop custom battery solution for your deployment needs paying special attention to power consumption and manufacturing at scale.

Customization helps us to develop solution catering to your priorities. Want an ultra low power-sensing device using flexible batteries? We will reverse engineer a sensing solution with power consumption as our top priority!

Programming Console


Firmware is the code inside the microcontroller, which orchestrates data acquisition from the sensors, storage of encrypted data, communication with other sensor nodes and optimizing power consumption. At SAAPE, we develop firmware that implements device drivers, complete WiFi stacks, BLE stacks, Mesh networking and other protocols for the IoT implementation.  This is the point where you choose the right protocol (MQTT, HTTPS, FTPS etc) to make your sensor nodes talk to the backend software infrastructure to create a closed loop IoT solution. We have extensive experience with a wide range of HAL libraries like STM32, ARM architecture, Espressif chipsets amongst others.

Data Cloud


SAAPE works with several commercially available cloud architecture and IoT platforms like AWS, Azure, SAP and also in special cases as needed, our own data architecture to store, visualize data and perform data analytics for event predictions, set thresholds, alerts and notifications and perform remedial actions as needed. Visualization allows the user to view real-time and history data for the sensors either individually or as a network and performs actions. Additionally, sensor devices can be individually managed and the security of the incoming data rigorously implemented through authentications at various levels. Furthermore, the cloud architecture deploys stream analytics, a fully managed event processing engine and utilizes the predictive algorithms for event detection and remedial. The construction of the cloud architecture and sensor integration for an individual project can be done as a new data management structure of connected to your existing architecture.



Gateways are nodes, which connect the local system to the Internet and enable all sensor nodes to communicate back and forth. The goal of a successful IoT solution is optimize business processes to help increase productivity and reduce inefficiencies. A custom gateway solution can greatly help reduce costs and improve efficiencies. For instance, we can design a system of sensor nodes talking in BLE mesh and eventually hop the data to a dedicated gateway to push the sensor data to the internet. These custom gateways can be BLE-GSM, WiFi-LoRA, CAT 1/ NB-IoT/ CAT M1 / Sigfox solutions. We help you select the right technology, the right vendor and an optimized network plan to reduce recurring costs while deploying tracking solutions.


SAAPE developed BytePoster and ByteWorker platforms to track environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, light, pressure, motion information, location & geofencing data. Our purpose-built firmware helps transmit the inferred insights from sensor data to the customer’s existing software infrastructure. This complete integration of tracking suite to an existing code base of a business process helps mitigate risks, adds value to user experience & reduce insurance costs. With TaaS, we can incorporate and integrate BytePoster’s monitoring and inferred insights into your existing backend architecture. With TaaS alerts and reports, liability is always trackable! Contact us to see how we can develop a custom tracking solution for you that plugs into your current software architecture.

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