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ByteWear – A smart safety wearable device for workers in the field

Dow Dupont collaborates with Saape Designs to develop a functioning & scalable prototype of a smart wearable solution to worker safety. ByteWear incorporates DuPont’s research in voltage sensing with Saape’s design of an integrated IoT solution for safe working environment.

Dow Dupont are market leaders in the electronic and electrical materials with tremendous experience in multi-disciplinary innovation. The company is well known for its industrial safety expertise. When they set out to develop their ideas in the smart safety wearable industry, they partnered with Saape Designs to turn their research into a fully functional prototype that can be deployed in industrial settings to monitor worker safety. Saape and DuPont teams worked very closely together to transform the idea and research  to prototype development that encompassed new hardware development, firmware, backend architecture creation and a mobile app in a record turnaround time!


ByteWear measures vitals of the worker from temperature, humidity, location, motion sensing and orientation. It integrates all these sensor data with DuPont developed voltage sensing antenna that helps alert a worker’s proximity to high voltages in the vicinity.  The data are delivered to a backend cloud based IoT portal where hundreds of such devices can be monitored. The hardware platform can be trained to detect machine learning based custom events and provide feedback to the workers, supervisors and/or emergency response teams should the worker be in danger. The product is expected to revolutionize worker safety by creating a safe working place for the worker and provide assistance should she be in danger.

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