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Career Openings:

Research & Development Engineer (Houston, TX): 

  • Develop and create new IoT ecosystem hardware for products and client applications by integrating micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) with embedded communication and micro-controllers. 

  • Create schematics and physical layouts of the above integrated hardware including MEMS components & packaged assemblies; 

  • Create & maintain engineering documents including schematics, bills of materials, components of materials specifications, & packaging requirement for IoT product development, etc.; 

  • Prepare & file intellectual property and patent disclosure related documents; 

  • Collaborate with R&D in academia and industry as appropriate for IoT product development and manufacture;   

  • Design and develop custom embedded firmware for developed IoT products;

  • Firmware should include latest protocols for IoT hardware including features for power-saving, over-the-air upgrade, security and hand-shake for IPv6. 

  • Define data structures, evaluate data quality, and perform appropriate data analyses on data gathered from connected devices.

  • Perform data optimization on collected data for evaluating data streaming to backend.  

  •  Develop a workflow, methodology and processes to bring high level machine learning algorithms to low level micro controllers and hardware platforms to perform anomaly detections and edge computing. 

  • Requires Master degree in Electrical Engineering and knowledge of MEMS, C/C++.

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