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BytePoster Master Kit (BMK) is an IoT platform allowing engineers to prototype, proof of concept and develop IoT products at an extremely fast pace. The BMK contains three boards: Core, Sensor, and GSM. Additionally, BMK can except additional custom boards for specific feature or capability.The Core board contains an Xtensa® Dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessors (WiFi/BLE), standalone timer, battery management and battery charging. Additionally, the capability to store information on SD card. The sensor board contains multiple sensors (Temperature and Humidity, High Precision Temperature, 3D Digital Linear Acceleration Sensor, 3D Digital Magnetic Sensor, 3D Accelerometer and 3D Gyroscope, Hi-Sensitivity Ambient Light Sensor, PIEZO ZeroPower Microphone), and the ability to accept any sensor via I2C, ADC, and SPI protocols.The dedicated GSM board for low power LTE connectivity, specially optimized for M2M and IoT applications.

BytePoster Master Kit - Core & Sensor Board

  • Cloud Protocols

    MQTT ,   MQTT over Websockets ,   HTTPS

    Device Security Services

    Firmware Update & Integrity ,   Secure Hardware Disablement ,   Authentication & Data Protection ,   Identity Management ,   Device Management


    Bluetooth ,   WIFI ,   LTE ,   3G ,   LORA via additional module.

    Tested Built-in Sensors

    GPS ,   Touch ,   LED ,   Light ,   Noise ,   Temperature ,   Humidity ,   Accelerometers ,   Vibrations ,   Motion Detection

    I/O Hardware Interfaces

    GPIO ,   I2C/SPI

    Industry Protocols


    Secure Hardware

    SIM & eSIM ,   Secure Boot and Flash Encryption

    Manufacturer Specific HSM Technology


    Azure IoT Edge

    Edge Certified : No

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