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BytePoster as Active Asset Tracking Device

An expensive museum artifact was being transferred from the west coast to east coast of the United States. Our team placed a BytePoster in the suitcase containing the artifact to measure the impacts and the overall package handling data durign this transit. Here, the device is constantly pushing the real time sensor diagnostics and the location of the asset to our backend asset monitoring suite. The data consists of the environment data like temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration along each axis, magnetometer data, location data and the sensor fusion values representing the real world orientation. Here the artifact was on different conditions like on a flight, car etc during the transit and the museum was able to track the asset in real time using the dashboard. Diagnostics clearly showed the various impacts to the case  during its transit and even accurately showed changes to the case orientation. The device provided real time alerts to the dashboard.

Tracking the Babylonian Brick.PNG
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