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BytePoster: Passive Asset Monitoring Solution

In passive asset tracking, the sensor diagnostics of the asset is available to the user once the asset reaches the destination. In this instance, the consumer is primarily interested in post-transit diagnostics. In active asset tracking, the sensor diagnostics of the asset is relayed live to the consumer when the asset is in transit from one place to other. Together, both these tracking systems provide different value propositions for businesses. For an application where you would not want a recurring cost and the overall asset tracking to be extremely cheap, passive tracking provides a good solution.

Here in this use-case, we set the BytePoster (or BP Flex) in passive asset tracking mode and place it inside a shipment. It logs temperature, humidity, acceleration & orientation data of the shipment throughout the transit. Once the shipment reaches the destination, the user flips the switch to put the BytePoster in Upload mode, this pushes all the sensor data and location data to a backend server. The Sensor data gets visualized in sensor portal and the location data in the location portal. This kind of passive tracking helps find anomalies in a particular segment of the supply chain.

There are no recurring charges from the cellular network provider and the hardware can be repeatedly used for tracking other shipments making it a robust inexpensive solution for asset monitoring.

Trtacking Shipments.PNG
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