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BytePoster Asset Tracking Solution: When you want a post diagnostics of a shipment

This post basically shows how the BytePoster can be used as an asset monitoring solution. The BytePoster has an ability to go into two modes: Record mode and upload mode. When you want to track a shipment, you can turn the BytePoster in record mode and place it into the package. Now the BytePoster continuously monitors temperature, humidity, accelerations along each axis, and geolocation data. These data get stored into the device memory throughout the transit.

When the device reaches the destination, it can be switched into upload mode and all the data is pushed to a server in a secure protocol. Now that the data is in the server, the diagnostic of the whole transit is visualized.

This method gives complete control of the asset tracking device to the user and is widely used when the user wants to deal with assets in low quantity.

The Device and Tracking portal will have a small monthly recurring cost for server maintenance.

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